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Penguicon 3.0

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Welcome to Penguicon

Open Source Software & Science Fiction Convention

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Penguicon 3.0: April 22-24, 2005

If you get one message communicated to you for Penguicon 3.0, may it be this: "Bring your computer!" Once you're at the convention it's too late to tell you!

What is Penguicon?

The Penguicon 3.0 Guests of Honor:

Cory Doctorow - Electronic Frontier Foundation, SF author.

Kevin Siembieda - Palladium Books founder, Rifts Megaverse roleplaying games.

Nat Torkington - Perl Cookbook, O'Reilly editor, perl6 project manager.

Joan D. Vinge - Author of Hugo-winning science fiction, Snow Queen and Eyes of Amber.

Dr. Peter Salus - The famed historian of UNIX and the Internet

Eugene Rodenberry Jr - Technical director on Earth: Final Conflict.

Wil Wheaton - Actor (Wesley Crusher of ST:TNG), Linux Cheerleader, and now Author.

Nifty Guests include horror/splatterpunk author Kathe Koja, internet software developer Joey deVilla, IP researcher / open-source-defender Cathy Raymond and Quake champ Alice Taylor. Returning Guests include Eric Raymond, Jeff "Hemos" Bates, Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda, Howard Tayler and The Great Luke Ski.

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