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Special Note! - There will be a 'Penguin Pit' available at the con, for our Penguicon volunteers that absolutely, positively need crash space and can't find a hotel room. We can't promise you it won't be crammed to the ceiling with volunteer bodies, but if you're desperate enough for sleep, you won't care! OK, back to our normal information screen... An event like Penguicon only happens because of the efforts of a whole lot of dedicated, generous, skilled, and slightly nuts people willing to work for no pay, some free food, little glory, a refunded registration fee, and a really nice but tiny mention in the Program Book.

You too can be one of those people!

We are looking for all kinds of people to help run Penguicon, from the masterfully experienced to the cluelessly enthusiastic, from Convention Committee members to the Penguins that do all the dirty work during the event (Gophers - for the Penguicon uninitiated).

If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to: [email protected], and let us know what you would want to volunteer for.

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