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Dealer Info

Penguicon is pleased to announce that we have sold all of the tables in the dealer room.

All Dealer Room registrations from this point on will be put on a first-come, first-serve cancelation list. If we have any cancellations we will begin calling the dealers on this list to see if they are still interested in a table in the dealer room. Please be advised that this is just a waiting list, being on this list does not guarantee that we will be able to offer you the number of tables that you request if someone cancels. We can only offer you the number of table that a particular dealer had.

Penguicon loves our dealers; this year the dealers room will be in moved up to Ballroom A & B instead of C & D. This will greatly increase visibility and traffic over our already-successful dealers room.

Please contact the Dealers Wrangler directly at [email protected] with all questions and requests for tables or register online.

All Penguicon dealers' tables are six feet long. Every dealer will receive one convention membership with the rental of their first table. There will be a limit of three tables per dealer.

First dealers' table $50 (includes one convention registration)
Additional tables: $45 per table (does not include registrations)
Dealers' staff registrations: $30 per person

We now have Dealer's registration online up and running! Click here!

Contact: [email protected]

Dealers Include:

Costumes By Loren
Tri Tac Games
OffWorld Designs
Earth Wisdom
Wonder Audiobooks
Elemental Jewelry
Jeffrey R. Valka
Cardz Xcetera
Wearable Wire
Juana Moore Designs
Palladium Books
Fantasy Fashions
Amber Fox
Nether Craft
Imperial Artifacts
Pegasus Publishing
Larry Smith & Sally Kobee
Dealer's room hours are  Friday 4-8, Saturday 11-7, and Sunday 11-3.

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