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Penguicon Ribbons are in

The ribbons are here, the ribbons are here! If you ordered ribbons to pass out at Penguicon, they have arrived.
Ribbons can be picked up at the con. I'll be browsing through the lower levels as much as possible. I'll be in pink, bright pink - can't miss me if you don't know me.

The price on the ribbons changed dramatically during ordering, so the totals have changed. But, since I am The Ribbon Goddess, I managed to get a lower price on the ribbons. Worship me with ribbons! The new price come to .25 per ribbon, and if you don't remember how many you ordered, don't worry - I do! email me at star__gazer at Or just be surprised at the con.
Created by stargazer
Last modified 2005-04-20 04:36 PM

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